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Post  God on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:09 am

1. Leader: God
2. Lieutenant: Robert
3. Warlord: Fagex Fails
4. Recruit: D3f Range
5. Co-Leader: Burntheangel
6. Recruit: Rp Warlord
7. Recruit: Taco Limey
8. Corporal: Mercher
9. Recruit: Wayne
10. Recruit: Quadriplegic
11. Recruit: Umad
12. Recruit: I Pk S0lo
13. Recruit: Aclaw
14. Recruit: Taco
15. Recruit: Its Me Brid
16. Recruit: Viao

These ranks were decided by How well you Brid and how many wars you've attended with us.

The List will grow once I see more apps

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