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Post  matt on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:09 pm

Application: In-Game Mod

forums name:Matt
ingame name:Matt
why do you want to be a mod: Well i love helping out and have vast knowlage ingame, also have the free time to play and help new players.
why do you deserve it (no less then 30 words): I have been a Loyal friend (and staff perviously) and havent Abused, done anything stupid and helped out i really enjoy playing and well i R GFX MAN lol i also have a good scence or humer and dont get mad easy, i abide by the rules and dont like to make trouble.
an advertisement video you've made (if you don't have one you wont be considered):
The video is Short and sweet because no one likes to watch a 10 min video....

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